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Elizabeth Christensen

By ftadmin

Meet Dr. Christensen, she is our resident doctor who will cure all your talent ailments! As a researcher and project manager, Elizabeth utilizes data to meet the needs of the clients and the Silvester & Company team. Data is only powerful if it is accessible, approachable and digestible- ultimately data should tell a story. The story that is most valuable to our clients is a tale of who will help lead, develop, and grow their company.  Elizabeth’s ultimate goal is to utilize gathered information to help clients make that very important decision.

Elizabeth joined Silvester & Company after receiving her PhD in Chemistry from the University of Utah in 2021. Her dissertation was focused on understanding the behavior of electrons using powerful computational chemistry tools.  Computing, modeling, and presenting data were all part of her training as a scientist and those skills have seamlessly transferred to the world of executive recruiting.  Now, instead of modeling electrons and favorable interactions between atoms and molecules, she uses leader’s skill sets and personalities to predict favorable interactions between clients and potential candidates.

From a young age Elizabeth was always curious about the physical world. Why is the sky blue? Why does salt make things taste better? Why do clothes shrink in the dryer? As she started her bachelor’s degree, she realized that chemistry has those answers and many more, so she dedicated her educational training to understanding “why”. Currently, Elizabeth’s curiosity of the physical world has begun to include the world of human behavior. Her curiosities are now centered around the needs of our clients.  Why are certain candidates better for our client’s needs? How can we best serve our clients in their pursuit of filling leadership roles? How can we improve the S&C experience for our clients and candidates? She is extremely excited to bring her curious mind into the world of executive recruiting.

When Elizabeth isn’t working with data, she enjoys hiking up mountains, cooking delicious meals with vegetables from her garden, and traveling with her husband.