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The Impact of Diversity is Undeniable.

An Executive Search Firm Committed To Diversity

The business case for diversity and inclusion has been proven repeatedly. Leaders who embrace diversity within their organizations and boards far outpace their peers, in both decision-making and results. Study after study shows diverse organizations are not only more profitable, but they are also able to attract better talent, have better employee engagement, and improve customer satisfaction. See McKinsey Global Institute study here.

Organizations that have embraced the value of diversity, inclusion, and pay equality already have a competitive advantage. At Silvester & Company, we believe that in the years to come, these organizations will pull further ahead, leaving those who have not made this a priority lagging far behind.

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Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion in Executive Search

As a female-owned, founded, and led small business, we have always had a deep commitment to helping create a world that is inclusive, diverse, equal, and accessible to all. Our founder, Margo Silvester, was seen as a female pioneer in our business, constantly challenging and questioning the status quo. The spirit of our founder lives on in our business, nearly three decades later, we hold ourselves to a higher standard in pursuit of a truly inclusive workplace.

At Silvester & Co. we believe the most important step toward achieving real change and parity requires us first to acknowledge our own blind spots and opportunities. We recognize that simply knowing about bias or the importance of inclusion is not enough. We must continually measure our progress and be vigilant in spotting opportunities to create better solutions and promoting diversity wherever we can. Silvester & Company invites our team members, clients, and candidates to engage together to improve our knowledge, processes, and systems. In the truest sense of continuous improvement, we must keep pressing for progress in pursuit of perfection by being an executive search firm that is continually focused on diversity.

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Our Role as Diversity Advisors & Change Makers

Every search is an opportunity for us to learn and drive progress. Consistent with the rest of our tailored process, our team acts as your trusted advisor to inform and assess the opportunities and challenges to attract diverse talent for a given role. The level of challenge will vary widely from industry to industry and function to function. Silvester & Company commits to the following actions during every executive search:

  • Act as a trusted advisor.

    We are not a passive observer in the leadership hiring process. Our team plays a critical role and takes responsibility for educating our clients, calling out barriers when we see them, and driving progress through action and dialogue. Diversity, inclusion, and equity are the pillars our company has been built upon.

  • Intentional & Proactive Effort.

    We conduct robust research, outreach and establish alliances appropriate to every search to improve the visibility and accessibility of our roles to underrepresented groups.

  • Challenge Our Own Thinking.

    We will closely consider and scrutinize how the details of a role may be exclusive and work with our clients to modify where appropriate. This could reveal opportunities to improve the language of a position profile, remove unnecessary requirements or improve our assessment process.

  • Accountability.

    Beyond our individual client requirements, we hold ourselves accountable to measure and deliver results on our path toward progress and promoting diversity within executive search. Most importantly, we share our challenges, achievements, and results openly with our clients.

  • Participate & Support Broader Dialogue.

    Progress is driven by experience, awareness and continuous learning. Our team will actively contribute in the ongoing dialogue, solution building, and education efforts to enlighten ourselves and others.

Our Affiliations & Partners

We invite you to learn more about some of our partners and affiliations who are helping us drive a more diverse, inclusive, and fair workplace. Silvester & Company also supports initiatives and organizations in our local community and specific to the industries we serve who are making a difference.


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