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We will solve your biggest impediment to success,
hiring the right leaders.

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Our Mission & Your Vision

Hire Leaders Who Become Your Competitive Advantage.

Our clients share our passion and belief that their best lever to achieve positive change and create value for their customers, employees, and shareholders is through quality leadership.

We are a boutique executive search firm headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. We specialize in finding high quality C Suite and corporate executives tailored to your company. We have decades of experience helping leaders solve their most challenging issues with confidence. After leading hundreds of executive searches for a variety of clients, we know without question our success comes from our ability to focus on you, our client. We do not believe in applying the same rigid process to every search. Our clients deserve intense focus, strategic agility, deep expertise, and our tested discernment.

The executive search industry is transforming, perhaps catching on to something we have always known. The success of any executive search is not predicated on who maintains the largest network. Information and accessibility to candidates has been commoditized. Today, every successful search depends on our shared partnership, our ability to tell your story in a compelling way, and execute a wow-worthy client and candidate experience. There is no easy path. We lean into the difficult, show up every day for our clients and dedicate the time and intellect required to deliver incredible results.

Proven & Reliable — Results You Can Count On

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Impact & Value to Accelerate Your Success

With nearly three decades in executive search and hundreds of successful placements, our executive search firm has the experience, talent, and network to find the right leaders to accelerate your business. We take great pride in representing our clients in the marketplace, we believe our reputation is intrinsically linked to yours. Thus, we keep our client list small and selectively work with organizations and leaders who align with our core values. Our success is not based on volume, rather on the quality execution of each search, you entrust with our team.

We have a well-known and respected presence within engineering-centric, highly regulated, and government contracting businesses. With deep expertise in the industrial manufacturing sector, working in aerospace & defense, medical device/technology, mining & natural resources, and chemical manufacturing. Our success as a leading boutique executive search firm has led to growing practice areas in healthcare and financial services/fin-tech as well.

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The Artistry & Analytics Behind Our Process

Our process is a deliberate mix of Pavlov and Picasso.

By this we mean that we invest in the latest tools and technologies to facilitate our work; as they are crucial. This is what makes us Pavlov. What makes us Picasso is not our standard process or tools, it is our tenacity and discernment combined with a creative and highly relational approach that we bring to work.

As a boutique executive search firm, we remain agile and creative to ensure that we tailor our approach to each unique executive search. Our clients deserve a partner who not only shares their similar values, but also has the experience, resources and shared commitment to getting it right.

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Our Relentless & Charming Team

Silvester & Company is a small women-owned boutique executive search firm, established in 1994. Our passionate, audacious, and fiercely committed team of professionals bring diverse backgrounds and experiences. We are a values-driven team and have dedicated our careers to executive search because we find purpose and satisfaction in playing a meaningful role in the long-term success of our clients and candidates.

We are most fulfilled when we match the right leader to an organization who is ready to harness their talent for the greatest positive impact on their companies, industries, and communities. We understand that hiring the right leader is worth multiples on the investment. Getting it right means accelerating the success of their companies and careers. Getting it wrong leads to exponential emotional and tangible costs to companies, candidates, and families.

Our Core Values & Culture Code

Our culture code reflects what we value in ourselves, each other, our partners, and communities. It serves as our compass and guides our actions, behaviors, and decision-making.

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    Wow’ Em

    We are obsessive about delivering amazing experiences and service to our clients, candidates, partners and each other. Relationships are at the core of all success. Be of service in every interaction, give & receive without expectation, hold ourselves & each other accountable, develop others & always presume positive intent.

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    Perpetually Curious

    We know learners always outperform knowers. We are students of our craft, always learning and seeking personal and professional growth. Know it alls are not welcome. It is okay to be vulnerable and to take risks, fail, learn, and try again.

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    Fueled by Optimism

    Our future is bright and we are in the driver’s seat. We create the environment we wish to be part of, we look on the bright side and lift each other up — especially on hard days. We have each other’s back, there is no team better than this one.

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    Relentless & Charming

    We see challenges as opportunities and seek out solutions, not excuses. It is a privilege to be a trusted advisor and we must earn it every day through our actions and results. We do not give up and never give in when it comes to getting it right.

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    Transparent & Honest

    We do everything with integrity and transparency. Truth is transformative for our organization and our clients. Everyone deserves our respect and candor. Our team is empowered to use good judgement, speak up and bring new ideas to light. It is not an open door, it is a no door policy.

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    Audacious Change Makers

    The world of work is continually changing. We take a leadership role in helping our clients evolve with it. We listen, build bridges, and boldly speak up and act with authenticity. Each member of our team is important, and we rely on each other to be the best versions of ourselves every day.

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Client & Candidate Accolades

  • Silvester & Company is a differentiated superstar. Thank you for caring so deeply about getting it right.

    MedTech Executive
  • Silvester & Company is an outstanding organization. I am extremely pleased with our partnership and the wonderful talent you have placed on our team! Keep up the great work.

    Aerospace Executive
  • S&C is the only firm I refer to colleagues, I know you are a great source of talent…and represent your clients in the market with pride.

    Tech HR Executive
  • The entire process was beyond my expectations and the results (placements) phenomenal. I am so pleased with the immediate positive impact on the current and future success of our company.

    MedTech Executive
  • You have done a stunning job with these projects – the quality of candidates, the consistency of your communication and the follow-through on your commitment is being noticed across the executive team. This has hands-down been the best executive search experience we have ever had.

    A&D HR Executive
  • Silvester & Company is an excellent firm to work with! I highly recommend working with this team any chance you get. The staff is willing to keep your personal preferences in mind and will do everything they can to match individuals and companies for long term success. Jennifer is a great leader!

    Mining & Natural Resources Chief Engineer
  • Thank you for the transparent and communicative way in which you managed this experience. From the very first phone call that was made and all the way through to the end, it was the best recruiting experience I've ever had.

    O&G Leader
  • Your team has been very professional. You all do your work with a lot of heart and care and the quality of your work is like nothing I’ve ever seen. We are invested in working with you as partners.

    Industrial Manufacturing Leader
  • We had never used a search firm before and were apprehensive about hiring one and wondered if the costs would justify the benefit. Hiring has always been a hassle, but your team has done all the tough work and are letting us have all the fun part of the process. It has been so enjoyable!  Thank you.

    CEO in Private Education
  • Your team has been very professional. You all do your work with a lot of heart and care and the quality of your work is like nothing I’ve ever seen. We are invested in working with you as partners.

    CEO, Daniel Raj David Industry 4.0 Company

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