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Established in 1994, Silvester & Company is a women-owned boutique executive search firm made up of passionate, audacious, and fiercely committed professionals.

Our non-traditional backgrounds as business leaders give us a fresh perspective of the search industry. We are unconventional and aggressively authentic. We are deeply committed to the success of our candidates and clients, for our team, it is always personal.

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Jennifer Silvester

Firm Owner & Leader
As an entrepreneur and trusted advisor to her clients, Jennifer is best known for her ability to solve businesses bigges...
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Marika Akers

Senior Director & Managing Director 
As a dedicated client advocate and practice leader, Marika is known for her ability to identify and connect high impact ...
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Elizabeth Christensen

Head of Research & Project Manager
Meet Dr. Christensen, she is our resident doctor who will cure all your talent ailments! As a researcher and project man...
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Dustie Whetman

Operations & Database Manager
As the Operations & Database Manager, Dustie provides support where it's necessary to ensure we deliver the best can...
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Kami Johanson

Database & Research Associate
As Database and Research Associate, Kami provides direct and agile support to our research and recruiting teams and is a...
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Camille Schlechter

Executive Search Associate
As our Executive Search Associate, Camille plays an integral role in driving successful executive level recruiting outco...
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Sofie Glaittli

Marketing & Administrative Coordinator
As the Marketing and Administrative Coordinator for Silvester & Company, Sofie motivates others through social media...
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Our Values & North Star That Guides Everything

Our culture code reflects what we value in ourselves, each other, our partners, and communities. It serves as our compass and guides our actions, behaviors, and decision-making.

  • Wow’ Em

    We are obsessive about delivering amazing experiences and service to our clients, candidates, partners and each other. Relationships are at the core of all success. Be of service in every interaction, give & receive without expectation, hold ourselves & each other accountable, develop others & always presume positive intent.

  • Perpetually Curious

    We know learners always outperform knowers. We are students of our craft, always learning and seeking personal and professional growth. Know it alls are not welcome. It is okay to be vulnerable and to take risk, fail, learn, and try again.

  • Fueled by Optimism

    Our future is bright and we are in the driver’s seat. We create the environment we wish to be part of, we look on the bright side and lift each other up – especially on hard days. We have each other’s back, there is no team better than this one.

  • Relentless & Charming

    We see challenge as opportunity and seek out solutions, not excuses. It is a privilege to be a trusted advisor and we must earn it every day through our actions and results. We do not give up and never give in when it comes to getting it right.

  • Transparent & Honest

    We do everything with integrity and transparency. Truth is transformative for our organization and our clients. Everyone deserves our respect and candor.  Our team is empowered to use good judgement, speak up and bring new ideas to light. It is not an open door, it is a no door policy.

  • Audacious Change Makers

    The world of work is continually changing. We take a leadership role in helping our clients evolve with it. We listen, build bridges, and boldly speak up and act with authenticity. Each member of our team is important, and we rely on each other to be the best versions of ourselves every day.

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In Memoriam of Margo Silvester
Visionary & Founder of Silvester & Co.

Founder, teacher, mentor, artist, sage and friend. These are just a few of the informal titles Margo held within our organization. Our firm began because Margo had a vision to lead a different kind of search firm.

With more than twenty-five years of experience, Margo started Silvester & Company in 1994. She wanted to create a boutique firm that was built on purpose, passion, and integrity. Margo placed the highest value on the partnerships with our clients and insisted on delivering exceptional value in every search. For Margo, it was never about volume or becoming the largest search firm. It was about being the best.

Through her personal and thoughtful guidance, Margo helped shape countless careers and organizations. She created powerful connections that have transformed industries. Margo taught our team and many clients that adding the right person was worth multiples on the investment. She was tenacious and laser focused on getting it right.

Naturally, Margo also built a team of talented professionals, whom she empowered and supported toward building our own immeasurable success. She inspired all of those she worked with to constantly be curious, to ask the interesting questions and really listen and observe our audience. She challenged us to not settle for the “easy” and to remove the boundaries on what we believed was possible.

Margo retired from the firm in 2013 but continued to provide guidance and encouragement on a regular basis. Sadly, she was felled much too early by a rare and cruel cancer, passing away in early 2017. Whether through honoring the vision and values she set for our firm or seeking out her wisdom, she is in everything we do.

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Team Quotes

  • We are mission-driven & people-focused. Despite industry digitization, we still believe people and relationships drive performance in any industry and at all levels.

  • The center point of the firm is our relationships with one another, our clients, and our candidates.

  • The world of search is a continuous learning opportunity, there is always more to know and understand.

  • We change people’s lives. It is not just a job, it is someone’s career whose success or failure has long-term implications on their family and our client companies. I live for the magic that happens when we match a talented candidate with the right opportunity.

  • I love the loyalty within the team to each other and our values. We all want to see each other succeed. This team is a constant source of support and encouragement. You do not see that in a lot of places. S&C is a unique place to work, there is no ego driving the business.

  • Search requires a flexible mindset, immense teamwork & curiosity. Quality recruiting requires a level of commitment, hard work & a willingness to rise to the occasion over and over again

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